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Tips on how to avoid rogue landlords

Tips on how to avoid rogue landlords

Over the past years, cases of rogue landlords have crept their way in. This gives the letting industry a negative reputation. Although, you may find that from ten landlords, only a small number have unprofessional tendencies, masking the entire industry negatively....

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Checklist for selling your home

Checklist for selling your home

When it comes to moving home, it can be a really stressful time. There are many different things to consider, particularly if you are selling a home as well as buying a new one. In the chaos and stress of moving, here is a handy checklist of things to watch out for....

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Choosing the right mortgage for your home

Choosing the right mortgage for your home

Everyone is looking for their dream home where they can sit, relax and make memories. The average person can’t afford to fully fund their dream home with their own money, which is where a loan from a bank, mortgage company or other financial institution can make your...

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Are you a first time buyer, house mover or investor?

Do you have lots of questions? How much can I borrow? What documents do I need? What options do I have? How much will it cost? Can I keep my current home and buy another? What are my best options as a Landlord?

Mortgages can be a mind field even for those that have lots of experience, each lender has different criteria, each lender has different levels of affordability, each lender has different timescales and what they are willing to lend.  This is likely to be the single most expensive purchase in your lifetime and therefore proper advise is so important.

We offer free no obligation initial meeting to discuss your case.  This gives you the opportunity to ask all those questions you have.

If you are looking to renew your mortgage, we would love to meet to discuss your plans,

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Why are we different?

Im sure you have seen lots of posts and articles saying why you should use a mortgage adviser, so we wanted to be more specific and let you know why we are different.

45 years combined experience

This means rarely have one of us not seen your type of case before.

'Challenge' is our middle name

We love a complex challenging case or should I say Gareth loves a complex case. We thrive on being able to find the solution.

Dedicated case manager on every case

To ensure you have someone to always talk to and someone who will be chasing your case to ensure it goes through to completion. Your adviser will also always be available to talk.

Linked with Platinum Property Agents

Which means we can get you direct advise on House Valuations, Rental income, advise on selling or renting.

Rarely are you unable to talk to one of us

Sometimes even on a Sunday and bank holiday! (dont hold us to that) We do have lives I promise but we are also passionate about our clients.

Offering a comprehensive range

We are whole of market well not allowed to say that now so classed as offering a comprehensive range, this means we have access to high street lenders, Commerical, buy to lets, holiday lets, those companies you have probably never heard of but have some great alternative options.

No fees upfront

We want you to know that we have done the job for you before handing over any money. We only charge on offer of a mortgage.

Male and female advisers

This may seem like a strange one but like going to the doctors sometimes people feel more comfortable talking to a male or female adviser.


Partnerships with Trust advisers, Will writers, Removal companies, General insurance, Pension advisers – effectively we can help with all aspects of your finances.

Hands on experience

One of our advisers is a landlord and one is a holiday let owner so we can relate to buy to let properties, requirements, new regulations and issues. 

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